Bunq Travel Card

The best card to travel the world

Benefit from getting the real exchange rate, without any additional charges, anywhere in the world. Enjoy peace of mind thanks to advanced security measures and the worldwide acceptance of a true credit card.

All without any monthly fees.

Worldwide acceptance

The bunq Travel Card is a true Mastercard credit card.

It’s the most widely accepted card available today, suited for car rentals, hotel reservations and even offline terminals in airplanes and elsewhere.

Extra secure

Get notified instantly whenever your card is used. Going from country to country? Stay safe and enable/disable your card as you hop from one country to the next.

Forgot your card at your favorite bar? Freeze it immediately. All directly from the app.

No monthly fees

Use the card whenever you like, it’ll always work when you want to, without any monthly fees involved. Just get the card and enjoy it. That’s it!

No burden of debt

Never worry about debt again. Thanks to our realtime balance checks you get to spend money you actually have. Never get sucked into debt, interest or overdraft fees ever again.

No credit checks

You can get going with your shiny new Travel Card immediately, no credit check required.

Get yours in just 5 minutes

Get your Travel Card without any waiting, and without any branch visits. All you need is your phone.

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