Automatically save Air Miles with your bunq Travel Card

Collect Airmiles automatically

You can automatically collect Air Miles, simply by using your Travel Card. For every 5 euros you spend abroad using your Travel Card, you get 1 Air Mile added to your Air Miles account.

Easily link your Travel Card to Air Miles

To start getting rewards with your Travel Card on your next holiday, simply follow the steps below to sign up:

  1. Go to:
    Make sure to use your browser rather than the Air Miles app.
  2. Select Mijn Air Miles.
  3. Select (Ont)koppelen.
  4. Now you will be asked to sign into your Air Miles account. If you have one already, go ahead and login. Otherwise select Ik heb nog geen inloggegevens to sign up for an account.
  5. Once you’re signed up and logged in, select Koppelen from within the Mastercard tile.
  6. Scroll down and enter your 16 digit Travel Card number. You can find this within the bunq app under Cards > Card details.
  7. Select Uitnodiging versturen.

You’re all set! Your Travel Card is now linked to your Air Miles account and you’re free to start spending and getting miles abroad.

Have some more questions? Check out some FAQs below:

Who can use Air Miles?
Air Miles is available for PremiumJoint and Travel Card users who live in the Netherlands.

When do I get Air Miles?
You can easily collect Air Miles whenever you make physical card purchases with your Travel Card outside of the Netherlands! This does not apply to online purchases or any purchases made within the Netherlands.

What can I get with Air Miles?
Did someone say free rewards?! You can check out what you can get with saved Air Miles here.

Is signing up for Air Miles free?
If you already have an Air Miles account, you can link your bunq Travel Card to it free of charge. If you don’t have an Air Miles account yet, you will need to register for one first. You will need to pay a one-time fee of €2.50 when creating an Air Miles account. After that, you’re good to go (and will even receive 100 bonus Air Miles for signing up)!

Can Air Miles be used with any bunq card?
As the best card to travel the world, what better card to link to your Air Miles account than the Travel Card. This is the only bunq card that can be combined with this Air Miles offer.

Don’t have a Travel Card yet?

Order yours today so you can start saving Air Miles on your next adventure abroad! ✈️ 🌏

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