Save 20% on luggage storage with Stasher

bunq is delighted to announce a partnership with Stasher, an affordable and fully insured luggage storage service available in over 200 cities!

How does the discount work?

Thanks to this new partnership we have an exclusive discount code which bunq users and their friends can enjoy! Simply use this link and the discount code ******* at checkout to enjoy 20% off luggage storage services, so you can ditch your bags to carry less and do more! You can find discount code @ bunq’s app.

Can I access Stasher in the bunq app?

Yes! Through the ‘Community Tips’ section in our Travel Assistant feature there is a section called ‘Travel Perks’ where you can see if Stasher is available at your destination and if it is, there will be a link there with the discount already applied!

Ready to carry less and do more on your travels?

Get more information on Stasher here!

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