100% Free Airport Lounge Access

Everyone knows you can get “free” access to airport lounges if you sign up for premium credit cards like the American Express Platinum card. But with annual membership fees of about $500, you’re kidding yourself if you think those visits are really free. Fear not.

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Crypto.com MCO Visa Platinum

If you’re not a fan of cryptocurrency, this won’t be for you. But for everyone else it’s the best deal in the market – as long as you’re willing to put your capital at risk by betting on a crypto start-up. The MCO Visa debit card gives you five years unlimited free access to about 1,100 lounges on the LoungeKey platform. To get the card you have to buy a quantity of MCO – the token used at crypto.com – and hold it for six months. Buy 500 MCO ($1,700 at the time of writing) and you’ll get one LoungeKey pass for your own use; buy 5,000 MCO and you’ll get a +1 added to your name. You’re not allowed to sell the MCO during the lockup period, so the value of your holding will definitely rise or fall. But you can dump it after six months and still retain lounge benefits for the lifetime of the card. Needless to say, you should only get an MCO card after researching Crypto.com and deciding if it appeals to you as an investment. The company is one of a new breed of tech start-ups that specializes in decentralized finance, which encompasses crypto credit lines, crypto savings accounts and physical debit cards backed by crypto.

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