Introducing Green Card by bunq

A greener world. Without any effort.

Make a real difference with one simple metal card. Just by using it, you create a greener world. Zero effort needed.

Green made easy

For every €100 that you spend with your Green Card, we’ll plant a tree. Bought groceries? That’s a tree. Booked a train ticket? A couple more trees. Going on holiday? Congratulations, you’ve started a forest!

You spend. Forests grow. Everyone’s a winner.

Extended life with metal

Green Card is better for the planet. It’s made of metal, using 50% less plastic and it has a 50% longer life than a regular plastic card.

It’s better for the planet.

Works with any bank

Green Card works with all other banks, so there’s no need to switch your bank. Simply top up your Green Card and you’re good to go!

No switch needed.

Double the trees with bunq Premium

Of course, you can get a Green Card as well as being a bunq Premium user. As an added bonus, for every €100 you spend, we’ll plant an extra tree for you. That’s double the trees!

Double your impact, today.

Free global ATM withdrawals

Whether you use your card to withdraw money close to home or ten time zones away, you won’t be charged for extra withdrawal fees.

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