Fix your credit problem

Do you have credit problems because of too much debt?

Banks won’t give you new credit card, but you need one. We have solution for you!

Did you know that you can get true credit card without credit check.

Benefit from getting the real exchange rate, without any additional charges, anywhere in the world. Enjoy peace of mind thanks to advanced security measures and the worldwide acceptance of a true credit card.

All without any monthly fees – Yes, this is true!

For a one-time fee of only 9,99 euros, you can purchase the bunq credit card, known as bunq Travel Card. You can also choose to invite 5 friends to receive the Travel Card for free.

When you get a bunq Travel Card you will receive a true Mastercard credit card, Zero FX, instant push notifications, ability to request/split a payment, ability to accept requests, card freezing and limit setting.

It’s the most widely accepted card available today, suited for car rentals, hotel reservations and even offline terminals in airplanes and elsewhere.

Works with

Are there restrictions to the Travel Card membership?

Yes, there are restrictions since bunq Travel Card is not a full bank account.

As a Travel Card user, you won’t have access to Premium features such as free ATM withdraws, connecting monetary accounts, having multiple cards (including Online Cards), request links, making (iDEAL) payments, API keys, Freedom of Choice, Massinterest and the ability to accept direct debits or send bank transfers.

Are there any extra costs?

We give you a low fee for cash withdrawals globally, for only €0,99 per withdrawal.

If you top-up the card with a credit card, you will be charged 0.5% for EEA cards and 2.5% for non-EEA cards. The app will show you the costs before making a top-up.

You will also get one free card replacement per year. If you need an extra one, you can replace the card in the app for €9,99.

Ready to enjoy carefree travelling?

Order the Travel Card in less than 5 mins here!

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