Conveniently bunq now, right from your Apple Watch

Enjoy the most amazing bunq features, all from the comfort of your Apple Watch.

Swap the cards linked to your sub-accounts, view sub-account balances, accept payment requests, and make online payments (by viewing your CVC and accepting 3D Secure payments)- all without your phone!

Easy banking, right from your wrist.

How do I install bunq on my Apple Watch?

  1. To quickly start using bunq on your Apple Watch, all you’ll need to do is:
  2. Download the bunq app from your watch App Store.
  3. You’ll receive a QR code. Scan the QR code with the bunq app on your iPhone.
  4. Authenticate your login information and you’ll be authenticated to login and start using bunq from your wrist.

What can I do with my bunq Watch app?

Switch the account linked to a bunq card
Now you can stay in control of your budgeting and always pay from the right sub-account, directly from your wrist! No need to take out your phone in the checkout line any longer!

View the balance of your sub-accounts
No longer worry about having an insufficient balance or whether you have enough money to get that next round. 🍻 At a glance, you can now check your balance directly from the bunq watch app .

View the CVC of a card
Now you can pay online even when you don’t have your phone on you. You can check your CVC code right from your watch, making your online payments hands-free. 🙌

Get instant notifications and accept payment requests
Pay instantly without any extra effort! Even without a phone you, can accept payment requests and keep your finances up-to-date in record time.

How do I keep my Apple Watch app secure?

To keep your bunq account as secure as possible, we recommend you always lock your Apple Watch with a passcode.

Once you setup a passcode, you’ll notice you won’t have to enter your Apple Watch code every time you access the bunq app. This will save you time, while still being safe, because of your Apple Watch wrist detection feature. If you leave your watch laying around or happen to accidentally lose it, your Apple Watch sensors will know you aren’t wearing it and automatically lock your device!

Another feature that can bring you more ease of mind is “Unlock with iPhone”. When activated, unlocking your iPhone will also unlock your Apple Watch.

You can check and enable security features of your Apple Watch directly in the Settings app of your device.

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