bunq lets you become CO2 free in less than 2 years!

A couple of months ago, bunq became the only bank in the world to let you plant trees with zero effort – by simply spending money with your beautiful Metal Card.

Ever since its launch, the Metal Card was an enormous success and together bunq planted over 100.000 trees in 4 months! They were thrilled that customers loved this initiative and bunq quickly understood that they wanted to do even more!

bunq loved the suggestion and thought: why would you only be green, when you can be something like…super green? bunq came up with a solution to fulfill your request. However, for this to be possible, bunq needed to simplify existing subscriptions. Since they already offered so many different kinds, adding more could affect ability to keep adapting services to your needs. Of course, they would never let this happen. 

Get bunq green card

Since everything they do at bunq is with customer in mind, they went directly to the source for advice: yeah, that’s customer! 

bunq ran this short survey to gather feedback on idea: would you rather add planting trees with all your cards, and have a simple subscription model or keep everything as it is today, with all the complexities of, for example, Joint? 

Customer response was overwhelmingly positive towards planting trees with all your cards and having a simple subscription model! We were very happy to see that 81% of our community chose to be even greener . 

So, with your enthusiasm in mind, bunq started building 3 super simple subscriptions that fully meet customer needs: Premium, Travel and SuperGreen.

Super what? SuperGreen!

Time to say hello to the newest and greenest bunq member! SuperGreen is meant to make your life easily sustainable. Alright, what does that exactly mean? Well, it can make you CO2 free in less than 2-years! 

Say what?!

That’s right! Here’s how – as requested by you, SuperGreen members can now plant a tree for every € 100 spent, from any card! We ran the numbers (of course we did 😀): that’s approximately 50% more trees than before! Together, we’re looking to plant at least half a million trees before the end of the year! 😍

You can use any of the following options included in your subscription to start building a forest: your beautiful Metal Card, contactless Maestro, Online Cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Learn more about the benefits of Premium SuperGreen here.

Want your business to be easily sustainable with zero hassle? We’ve got your back ! You can make it happen with bunq Business SuperGreen. Here’s the best part: while planting all those trees and watching forests grow, you no longer have to worry about extra fees for features like Auto VAT (previously € 2). It’s all included in your new subscription. Just focus on what truly matters: your sustainable business. Find all the cool details about Business SuperGreen here!


Keeping an eye on your budgets, figuring out if you’re spending too much money online shopping, trying to save more for that holiday in the Philippines…we know, it’s not always that simple. If you’re looking to make your everyday life easier, Premium is probably the right choice for you. Bought a sandwich for € 2.30? Bam, € 0.70 went straight towards your Holiday savings goal thanks to AutoSave! It’s that easy. Moreover, you get insights and balance prediction for a super simple overview of your finances. 

Besides your beautiful colorful cards, online cards are also included in your subscription. You can learn more about Premium here.


Finances while traveling can be challenging: exchange rates, ATM fees, different currencies, it all seems rather confusing. The Travel subscription is made to ensure that you never have to worry about any of that. You always get the real exchange rate, no matter where you travel, saving up to 3% just by having the bunq Travel Card

This MasterCard credit card is designed to work like a debit one, giving you the advantages of credit (car rental, hotel reservations) but without ever putting you in debt! Find more information about Travel here.

So what’s different?

The new SuperGreen subscription increases the number of trees you plant by 50% and it gives every bunq user the chance to be CO2 free in less than 2-years! bunq is currently the only bank in the world that can offer you this option, with absolutely no extra effort from your side.

Of course, some things never change: you continue to get full control over your finances, 100% transparency and no hidden fees, ever.

You save time, you save money and you do it all from the comfort of your own home.

You spend (from any card!) and together we’re making the world a greener place – tree by tree, forest by forest.

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