bunq New Features – Tribes & Common Goals

Want to discover brand new features and apps that make life easy, and submit requests for new features? Simply go to the brand new bunq Add-ons, and get the best banking experience in the world.

bunq Add-ons have some of our most popular time-saving features, such as Auto VAT, Auto Export, Zapier Integrations, match receipt or the scan invoice feature.

Additionally, bunq Add-ons give you access to many other tools our amazing community built with the bunq API, features and apps from bunq users, for bunq users.

Where can I find it?

Discover what’s in store for you by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Profile tab
  2. Tap on the circle above Add-ons installed
  3. Under the Discover tab you’ll the list of all the available apps and features
  4. Select the features would like to add. 

bunq Add-ons are only available for V3 Public Beta users.


We are happy to introduce Tribes! Planting trees is now even more fun: create a tribe and invite your friends to join. The more friends join your tribe, the bigger your forest will be! Check the bunq app to see which tribe has planted the most trees. Want to increase your ranking? Simply invite more friends! Let the games begin!

Ready, set…go!

Once your tribe is created, you can see the ranking of your group compared to all the tribes of the bunq community. The app also tells you how many trees you’re ahead of the next tribe and how many trees your team needs to plant to go up in the ranking. To lead the race you just need to make your tribe grow, planting more trees and inviting more friends. 

Common Goals: support what matters to you

Whether it’s supporting a local business or helping to rid the ocean of plastic, bunq makes it super easy to support the charity of your choosing, so you can give back to the causes you care about. All it takes is a tap in the app and you can start collecting donations!

You can set up Common Goals in the app to support charities and share your donation link with your friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, everyone can donate!

The bunq app always keeps you up to date on how much you’ve raised for your goal, and you can even see the total donations given by the entire bunq community.

Simply go to the ‘Us’ tab and tab on the circle above ‘Total donated’. There you’ll be able to see:

  • How much you’ve raised in the ‘Goal Donated’ circle. 
  • The total amount of money raised by all bunqers above ‘Total Donated’
  • The ranking of all the donation links to see which one managed to raise the most.

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