Introducing: Plutus. Don’t Buy Crypto, Earn It!

Earn Crypto Rewards every time you shop with a Visa Debit Card.

Plutus is a platform that has been building a connection between cryptocurrency and traditional finance since 2015. The company behind Plutus is mainly focused on their Visa card offering; however, they operate a P2P exchange for their users as well. There are a number of positive aspects of the Plutus Visa card, but there are also some drawbacks.

The card is currently only available in Europe, so potential customers in the United States, China, and other countries where cryptocurrency is popular will need to look at other options. Plutus also has no native support for Bitcoin, and it currently only works with ETH and their own proprietary token (PLU). That said, the Plutus Visa card comes with reasonable fees and plenty of cashback rewards for those who do not mind the heavy integration of the PLU token into the platform.

Is Plutus a bank account? We are not a bank, but we provide many of the same financial services offered by challenger banks, and more, to truly empower our customers. Every time you spend with a Plutus Card, you earn 3% back in crypto rewards (PLU) which can be used to unlock additional benefits.

New Fiat Subscription Plan. Upon creating a Plutus Account, customers must choose one of three flexible Subscription Plans: StarterEveryday, and Premium.

This has been designed so that every Subscription Plan provides rewards that are far in excess of the Fiat costs.

Cashback Rewards

  • All Subscription Plans offer a minimum of 3% in Crypto Rewards
  • Boost this up to 8% by staking PLU

Your Subscription Plan determines the amount of spending you can earn Crypto Rewards on.

Your Staking Level determines the Crypto Rewards percentage (%) you will earn. Without staking, you will earn the minimum of 3% applied to all Subscription Plans.


  • Select up to 3 Perks depending on your Fiat Subscription Plan
  • Boost this up to 8 Perks by Staking PLU

Plutus has 20 new and exciting Perks to choose from and has made them easier than ever to use. Additional Bonus Perks are being developed and will be added in the future.

Simply select a Perk and shop with your Plutus Card.

  • Enjoy up to 100% rebates in PLU on all Subscription-based Perks (e.g. Netflix)
  • Enjoy up to £/€10 rebates in PLU on all In-Store/Online Perks (e.g. Aldi)

New BLU staking levels

Customers have the option of boosting their benefits by staking PLU. There are four Staking Levels: HeroVeteranLegend, and G.O.A.T.

Note: Staking Level benefits are not added to Subscription Plan benefits but replace them. 

Staking PLU unlocks:

  • Higher Crypto Reward Rates (%)
  • More Perks
  • Lower Fees
  • NFTs (Q2 2022)

Note: Your Subscription Plan still determines the amount of Card Spend you earn rewards on.

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