Both credit cards as well as debit cards let you make transactions online as well as offline. The basic difference between the two is that while a credit card allows you to ‘borrow’ money from the bank at a fixed interest rate, a debit card uses your own money, so that you spend only what you have in your bank account.

Bunq Credit Card – Never worry about debt again. Thanks to our realtime balance checks you get to spend money you actually have. Never get sucked into debt, interest or overdraft fees ever again.

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Bunq Bunq features
Mastercard Credit Card
Travel Card or Premium account
True Mastercard Credit Card
Worldwide acceptance

ATM withdraws € 0.99 per transaction
Save up to 3% exchange rates
Earn Air Miles
Works even offline terminals in airplanes and elsewhere
No burden of debt, no credit checks
  Available for EU, UK